The Journey: Leadership Training

The Nonprofit Partnership has partnered with Andy Kerr to bring members "The Journey" leadership training opportunities. Over a series of sessions, attendees will hone essential leadership skills. Two courses in this series were held in 2017: "The Journey: Foundational Leadership Training" and "The Journey: Growing in Your Leadership."  

What attendees are saying about, "The Journey..."

“… attending this Journey has helped me open my eyes to see myself in a different light. It showed the areas that I need to improve within myself. I will continue to learn more about myself and develop my leadership skills. This has made be a better supervisor for now and the future.”

“Andy made everyone feel comfortable from the very first class. Everyone seemed interested in listening to other and I felt it was a very safe environment to share.”

New series posted: The Journey - Developing the Leaders Around You

Please join The Nonprofit Partnership and Andy Kerr of Andy Kerr Coaching for "The Journey Leadership Training: Developing the Leaders Around You." This series is comprised of 6 sessions that will take place during summer of 2018. 

The participant will...

  • Renew the leader's desire to grow their own leadership skills and abilities.
  • Understand the importance of leadership and leadership growth for the success and vitality of their organization.
  • Learn new strategies for developing the leaders around them.
  • Connect with other local leaders facing similar challenges.

Click here for more information and registration details!

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