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One thing that rings true for all of Erie’s nonprofits – no matter our purpose or size, we are all on tight schedules and tighter budgets. With this in mind, I have decided to become an apps and tools aficionado. That being said, I want to share five of my favorite Google Chrome Extension apps with you!

Preparing for Erie Gives Day is not a passive process. Your organization needs to take an enthusiastic and strategic position. That being said, we recently created a comprehensive check list to prepare newer organizations (or people new to an organization) for Erie Gives - be sure to check it out!

For the most part, nonprofit Board meetings are focused on operations and not strategy. We must change the way that meetings are crafted to change this trend. This article outlines four ways in which you can re-frame your Board meetings so that you have interesting, engaging, and meaningful discussions.

Nonprofit professionals oftentimes wear many different hats within their position. Are you an accidental marketer for your nonprofit? Check out this article to be directed to the "Design Basics for Nonprofits" ebook!

You may believe that what you do off the clock shouldn’t concern any of your professional connections. But just as you have a right to post about whatever you want to, so too does every boss, coworker, and future employer have a right to pass judgment.

We assume that CEOs, managers, and staff regularly reflect on their effectiveness and seek out professional development opportunities to improve their work. We should have the same expectation of the most important entity of a nonprofit—the Board.

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