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12 Nonprofit Thank You Mistakes to Avoid

Wednesday, September 13, 2017
3:00 pm4:00 pm
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From the provider:
Thanking donors is the one thing most nonprofits do not spend enough time thinking about. They focus more on the gift than the giver. It’s the Pareto 80/20 rule in reverse: 80% of the time is spent in acquisition mode— crafting the fundraising appeal, getting embroiled in design, layout, printing, postage and project management. Only 20% of the time goes towards a focus on building the relationship that will cause that donor to give again. As a result of this short-sighted approach, nonprofits, on average, are losing 81% of first-time donors and 54% of ongoing donors. It’s a time-sucking, resource-wasting treadmill. Appeals are duly sent. Gifts arrive. But then what?!

After you’ve sent out your appeal is too late to start thinking about what your thank you letter or email will say. Or who will sign it. Or whether someone who donates online will also receive an actual letter. Or thank you call. Or who will make the call. Everything must be well thought-out in advance. You must be ready to go with different templates and strategies for different target audiences well before you’ve asked for your first donation. This webinar will help you think through your thank you process, put procedures in writing and get others on board.

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